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About OVG

OVG TRADING & CONSULTING LTD, established in December, 2000, is the first non-state-run import and export company that was set up after China’s entry into WTO.

OVG started its outsourcing business in machining parts and components ten years ago and now has grown to be a leading contract manufacturer in mechanical parts and entire machine assembling. With a team of about 10 technical and engineering professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, OVG has the capability of providing custom made mechanical equipment and accessories from your prints or samples. Being an ISO, D&B certified supplier and registered supplier for UNDP & UNGM, and a member of China Forging & Stamping Association, we have successfully provided tailored parts for many domestic and overseas companies in multiple industries such as transportation, communications, electronics, automobile, medical, bank & finance and clean energy industries, including rail way parts, parts for combustion engines and parts for railway trucks, oil using products, auto parts etc….We are a trusted and experienced supplier of parts and whole machines (mainly BALERS and small equipment) to Motorola, Cannon, Stora Enso, Sacria, Beijing Chemical Corporation, Shandong Tobacco Corporation etc…. supplying them with high quality products at a competitive price.

OEM/Outsourcing Production

Outsourcing production is a big part of our business.

OVG prides itself on quality, efficient service and excellent value. We are rich with design capacity and creative spirit on engineering and technology. Flexible molds development and production arrangement, together with a fast response mechanism are all the prerequisites to meet the request for multiple demands and fast deliveries. Over the years, our dedication to supplying a high quality part each and every time has won us the approval of customers worldwide. They rely on us to get the job done right the first time and the applications for tight tolerance components increased as new products required higher precision.

Please keep us in mind for any of your future OEM business opportunities and give us a call, visit our website, or stop in the factory for more information. Let our company satisfy your needs to keep your equipment running efficiently and smoothly for years to come. 

Our Capabilities






6. Machine/Equipment Assembling